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Broadsword Fans!

A place to chat about the work of Jim Balent and Holly G!

10/13/06 06:23 am - wil_o_de_wisp - New Here

Hello everyone, I'm just now getting into Tarot, and I really love it..the artwork and the storylines are great. I have seen School Bites, but haven't started reading it, but I know I want to. It's good to be here. Thanks!

11/5/05 02:59 pm - the_kestral


Post with pic related to Jim Balent and Holly Golightly's wedding

9/2/05 11:29 am - macropixi - Just Joined

my name's Pixi. I'm a huge Tarot and School Bites fan. I love the artwork! Got home from work yesterday to find the second volume of School Bites waiting for me. Wheee what a present. Sadly, due to finances I can't induldge in my comics as much as I wish. So mostly the Hubby and I wait for the Tarot Graphic Novels to come out, so I'm a little behind.

5/3/05 02:01 am - xpumpkin_queenx - imnew

Hi there, Im a huge broadsword fan! iam totaly devoted and in love with Tarot: Witch of the black rose. Never ever miss an issue. oh and 3K as well. I cant believe Jaguar died! WAAAAAAAAA that was so sad. Anyways, umz just wanted to say hello and amglad i can meet more fans!

=Miss Boo=

11/11/04 12:15 pm - wicked_ego_trip - 3k/Tarot cross over...

Hey guys! We're just a few weeks away from the Tarot/3k crossover to come to an end! What are you all thinking about it so far?

I think one of our fav kittens has passed on! :-(

This is the first character Jim and killed off. I have to say i'm kind of shocked!

11/10/04 11:34 pm - sareara - merry met

Hey everyone!! My name is Lauren. I'm 25 and I've been a practicing witch for 9 years now. I live in Lancaster, Pa...home of the Amish. I have pink and black hair and I'm a convention junkie. I met Jim, Holly, and Mer over three years ago when I was working at the Pittsburgh comicon. They're some of the sweetest people I know. I've been reading Tarot since the beginning and always look forward to every new issue. I'd have to say my favorite characters are Boo Cat and Pooka. I have a thing for kitties. As for my favorite book they put out, I'm torn between School Bites and Tarot...they're both so damn good! =)

11/10/04 10:36 pm - wicked_ego_trip - First Post!

Hey guys! Well if your reading this chances are good you <3 broadsword comics! So lets get down to it!

Hi! I'm Chris! I've known Jim and Holly for a litle over a year now, but i've been a HUGE fan WAY before I started to work for them! (If anyone has Tarot #23, you could see me in the back!) Well, this group is to talk about their work, new issues, the characters we all know and love, and anything else that broadsword Boys and girls would fancy!

So lets get to it!

When you first post it would be great if you could tell us

your fav broadsword comic-

Who is your fac character-

and a little about yourself!


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